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Welcome to the homepage of Austin's newest upcoming dance crew, TRAFFIKjam. Joining together on October 17th 2010, TRAFFIKjam came together with the sole purpose of bringing something new to Austin. Everyone in TRAFFIKjam brings something new to the table. The crews styles consists of tutting, whacking, contemporary, modern, lyrical, hip hop, lyrical hp hop, breakdance, vouging, and many more dance styles.  TRAFFIKjam wanted to bring something new to the Austin dance community. Something BIG, something DIFFERENT! The crew is devoted to staying true to themselves, uplifting other, and supporting their surrounding community. In January of 2011, TRAFFIKjam along with Nu Quality Era crew joined forces, expanding their members, and dance styles. Please keep an eye out for updates on this crew. 6 MEMBERS OF TRAFFIKjam WILL BE TRAVELING TO HOUSTON, TEXAS ON SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 13th, TO AUDITION FOR AMERICA'S GOT TALENT SEASON 6. Please support us as we embark on this great adventure. We thank you for stopping by our page, and please check back often for updates. 

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